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Busy real estate Agents need a professional they can rely on to provide the best experience for their Buyers. Sterling Home Inspections functions under the pretense that the home inspector you refer to your Buyer is a representation of your connections. I provide a meticulous, reliable service to your clients so they can move forward making an informed decision. Generally reports are provided in the same day of the inspection at a competitive price. Michael Sterling is friendly, professional, and exceptional at communicating with clients. You can be certain that an inspection with Sterling Home Inspections will exceed realistic expectations. Sterling Home Inspections will be honest and communicate to your client in a clear and concise manner that will facilitate any transaction. My goal is customer satisfaction and I look to provide your Clients with the best possible service.

Reasons to Recommend Sterling Home Inspections?

  • Personal service that exceeds expectations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Equipped with ekey
  • Flexible Scheduling for your clients convenience
  • Majority of Reports are back within the same day
  • Interested in additional information about Sterling Home Inspections?  I will visit your office to see if we make a good fit...

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