My Experience

 I grew up in “hot east Austin” and graduated from Lanier High School in 1995. I attended UT Arlington from the fall of 1995-2000. I moved back to Austin in 2003 where I would finally pursue my passion for Real Estate two years later in 2005. I worked for DHI Mortgage for over a year before obtaining my Real Estate license and becoming a Realtor.

After working in the capacity of a Realtor for several years I gravitated towards buying properties personally to remodel and resell. I successfully flipped properties for myself and partners while working as a general contractor until the economy began to work against small investors. I enjoyed the experience each property brought forward. This led me to obtaining a professional inspectors license through Trec. to inspect properties. As a result I am able to see objectively as the Buyer, the Realtor and the Inspector. I have literally been in every position of a real estate transaction many times. This gives me the ability to inspect a property and also provide context to my reports. I am familiar with the entire construction process from start to finish. This has given me the experience that only a seasoned inspector could acquire. I enjoy working with people and I like to share and provide the insight I meticulously document during each inspection.

My love for Real Estate has driven me to seek a wealth of knowledge in regards to property construction/materials. On each and every report it is my goal to carefully cover the entire scope of the inspection and relay the information in a manner that provides context. I believe context is key when assessing the condition of a property.

It is vital that the report a home inspector provides to the customer is detailed, easy to understand and professional. The inspector's report should include particulars such as ages (if possible) and makes of the systems in the property as well as general information and definitions on common concerns. This information should be in addition to details regarding the condition of each major element of the home.

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